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Soft Seating and Lounge Furniture

When thinking about memorable moments or aspects of weddings, what comes to your mind first? Food? Music? The Best Man's Speech? I'm sure how comfortable or what the seating looks like is not one of those first thoughts. Maybe it's because the seating was your average folding chair and it only served the purpose of housing your tush for dinner. (We all know you got out on the dance floor when "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston came on.) What if you elevated your seating by adding in some fun and pretty furniture? Not only is it a cute decoration, but it creates a really cool vibe AND provides comfortable seating for your guests. Not to mention, photographers will love the opportunity to photograph pretty portraits of you and your new spouse! It's really a win-win situation and it's something your guests will remember about your special day. It provides a place for guests to sit and talk with those they haven't seen in awhile. Or a space for grandma and grandpa to sit and enjoy everyone dancing. Furniture has been a very popular trend at Crimson Lane lately, and from the pictures you can probably see why. Soft seating at your wedding creates a more intimate feeling and makes your guests feel more comfortable while enjoying the beauty of your wedding. Every wedding I've witnessed with furniture, guests do not hesitate to take a seat on the comfy couch and there are so many pictures you will have of your loved ones lounging in such a pretty space.

Check out this set up from a Styled Shoot in September of 2019. This was really the first time we had furniture on the property for an event. You can really make a statement with a floral install by the talented Gina Lynne Design!

*Chairs and Couch provided by Aspen Jean Planning. Wooden side tables and florals by Gina Lynne Design. White Coffee table from Crimson Lane. Photo by Michelle Joy Photo.


Here is a set up from July of 2020. This wedding had a cocktail based reception. There were various set ups similar to the one below for guests to use throughout the night.

*All Furniture provided by Aspen Jean Planning. Florals by Frances Floral Design. Photo by Sara Campbell Photography.


Then in August, we had a Coffee Bar with a cute lounge for guests to sit and sip their crafted drink by Coffé Amor.

*Furniture provided by Aspen Jean Planning. White coffee table provided by Crimson Lane. Photo by Sara Campbell Photography.


September 2020 brought us the perfect weather and an outdoor reception. Let me tell you, it was a blast. The couple opted for a band instead of a DJ and it was a party. All. Night. Long. The guests were able to enjoy the seating areas throughout the night and the bride and groom even snagged some pretty portraits.

*Dusty Rose couch provided by Aspen Jean Planning. The bride supplied all other furniture.


If you are planning your wedding for a month where an outdoor reception might not be possible, do not fret. Furniture set ups are great inside as well. Our fireplace makes a perfect spot for guests to cozy up to on those chilly fall days or during the snowy winter months. Check out this set up from late October!

*Leather chairs, coffee table, cow hide rug, and florals provided by Gina Lynne Design. Whiskey barrels and leather couch provided by Crimson Lane. Photo by Eden Photo.


August 2021 bride, Taylor, chose this green and neutral colored pallet of furniture from Aspen Jean Planning. Gina Lynne Design created another beautiful floral installation to go along with these pieces.

How pretty is this?! The bride and groom opted to have portraits taken by Sara Campbell Photography on the furniture and they turned out beautiful. This is a perfect way to elevate those images you will have for years to come. Also, where can I get this furniture to put in my house?!

*Couch, chairs, rug, and coffee table rented through Aspen Jean Planning. Photo by Sara Campbell Photography. Florals by Gina Lynne Design.


One last super fun and colorful set up by Gina Lynne Design with furniture from Aspen Jean Planning!


I'm sure furniture isn't on everyone's must-have list in the beginning phases of planning, but after seeing the results of our weddings with furniture, I highly recommend considering it! You can create a beautiful space under our bistro lights or by the fireplace for guests to enjoy. I have a feeling that outdoor receptions will be on the rise throughout the next few years. This is the perfect opportunity to snag some furniture rentals from the vendors listed below for your 2022 wedding. Do not hesitate to reach out to us when deciding what furniture would be best for your event!


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