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The Beginning of Crimson Lane

My husband, Michael, grew up in Ada and his family has been apart of Ada for many, many years. He comes from a farming family and has continued the family tradition throughout his life. I also come from a farming background down in Southern Ohio. 28 years ago, Michael and I met at Ohio Northern University. We married in 1992 and have lived on his families farm for the past 25 years. The idea of Crimson Lane began in 2015. Michael and I, along with our son and daughter, threw around the idea of starting a wedding venue when a couple of family friends became engaged and were not sure where to have their reception. It really made us think, where would people around this area get married? That was when we realized, even though there are a few places around us, these venues are booked for the season and the demand was still there. I have always been a planner and have loved getting into decorating and baking. The idea of starting a wedding venue was something I really thought I would enjoy and be excited to do everyday! Not too long after brainstorming this idea, our daughter got engaged. Talk about the pressure that was now created. She has always wanted to get married on our family farm so it just made sense that we get the ball rolling and figure this whole thing out. We began designing plans, pinning hundreds of pinterest ideas, and going to bridal shows. Over the past 2 years we have created something special as a family and a place that we hope will be special to all of our couples and guests for any event they have! Stay tuned for the progress of our project as we begin building the beginning of February!

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