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Construction At Crimson Lane

I have been away from the blog for quite sometime, although I guess that is a good thing as we have been busy preparing the venue for our 2018 couples! We have been under construction since April 30th 2018 and a lot has changed! The building structure is up and the roof on. The coupola is waiting for its weathervane. Doors and windows have been going in over the past few days and it is getting us excited to see the end project. We spend a lot of our time watering our new trees and checking on the progress of our building. As we meet with our potential bride and grooms, we love to hear how they plan to use our facility and how unique each one of their weddings will be! Our Prime Season from April to November of 2019 is quickly booking up and our summer is almost full! To say we are excited is an understatement. This project, for our family, has created a lot of memories and we are looking forward to sharing in the memories of the couples who will celebrate their marriage at our new facility. Be sure to continue and watch our Facebook and Instagram page as we are constantly updating them with more and more pictures! Be sure and contact us if you have any questions about weddings or events such as showers and parties!


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